Welcome to the Hunt Fish Thrive Journey

I love to hunt and fish.  And I love to counsel, coach, mentor someone towards their best life, towards healing or hoping or growing.  But when its all said and done, what I absolutely love the most in this world is thinking about and talking about how hunting and fishing connect with thriving.  It is what I live for, it is what I have always ended up doing in any context, when I was a youth pastor, as a hunting guide, now as a counselor.  I suppose it could be said that it is my calling.  It certainly is my joy.  

Sitting around a crackling illuminating fire in hunting camp sharing stories with young aspirant hunters.  Heading out to the offshore fishing grounds with old friends, into the sunrise and the emerging brightness highlighting the undulations of the towering clouds, catching up on our lives since our last adventure.  Road tripping through changing country, relishing in every new view of hills and plains and of flora and fauna, whether alone with my thoughts or in the company of like minded travelers.  Relaxing in the boat or on the bank waiting with anxious anticipation for that tick tick tick on the rod tip that finally bends down hard enough to set the hook.  Each of these hunting and fishing settings, and all of those too many to describe, just seem to draw deep thinking and talking about life out of me, and those I am blessed to share these experiences with.

So many definitions exist for describing thriving, over the years my definition has evolved.  High levels of a sense of well being has been a central theme, as has striving for one’s best life.  Flourishing, success, prosperity, etcetera are commonly attached synonyms.  The current formal definition I use is that thriving is to live and grow and experience, with vigor and vitality, all aspects of life; in mental health, emotions, relationships, society, spirituality, and in the environment.  I think of thriving as the sense and the belief that I am peacefully pushing towards an ever increasing fulfillment of my potential, purpose, and passion.  

Hunting and fishing have given me infinite chances to wonder about and wrestle with how I am mentally and emotionally approaching pursuit; in the field and on the water, in relationships, in life.  These uniquely challenging activities move me to accept a journey on a path to growth and maturity, demanding I be at peace with the process while also requiring that I strive with discipline and challenge passivity.  And do not be fooled, I am no where close to where I want to be or depressingly at times believe I should be.  But whether in the successes of harvest or in the joys of the experiences, I am reminded that there is a natural order, a natural progression that is naturally balanced, should I choose to accept and embrace its ebbs and flows.  And of course, hunting and fishing have given me a sense of belonging to an ancient and evolving culture, to God, and to the natural world.  

How would you describe and define thriving?  How do you connect thriving with hunting and fishing?  

Are you thriving?  Where and how would you like to be thriving more?  How can I help you thrive in some aspect of life?

Thank you for joining me in my favorite thing, thank you for experiencing with me an exercise in thinking and talking about time outdoors and how it benefits, builds, and blesses us.    

Now let’s go Hunt Fish Thrive!

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